Sports Photos Like No Other!


PortraitEFX offers dynamic Sports Photography programs serving Youth Athletic Leagues as well as Scholastic Sports in Middle Schools, Junior Highs and High Schools. We also include popular “Action Photos and Posters” as a part of our promotions. Plus, our new FUSIONEFX program is unparalleled in the industry!! With FusionEFX, each player and coach is PHOTOGRAPHED INDIVIDUALLY! Then, we FUSE the team together into the best team photo you’ve ever had!

  • Better Smiles
  • All Eyes Forward
  • Greater Scheduling Flexibility (parents of multiple players can come ONCE
  • Super-Fast In-and-Out (on average less than 10 minutes!)


become-proffesional-photographer-Sports1 You owe it to yourself and your League to check out what we have to offer! Many of our programs are unique to PortraitEFX and provide more quality, value and service to the Parents, Players and to the League itself.


Everyone will appreciate that we provide the most organized and efficient Photo Day experience in the industry.  Our exclusive system minimizes waiting time for photography and we have the personnel and resources to efficiently photograph Leagues of any size.Players are photographed as soon as they arrive. NO WAITING around. become-proffesional-photographer-Sports2



become-proffesional-photographer-Sports3 For large leagues and venues, we can also offer our Mobile Tent Studio option.  Not only does this option minimize the chances of a “rained-out” picture day, but provides much more wind and lighting control.  No more “squinting” into the sun as we provide studio-quality lighting for Teams* and Player photos!  No more wind-blown hair!
(*Suitable for most Youth Sports Teams)